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30 Cool Facts about the Saint-Petersburg Metro:

1. St. Petersburg metro is the deepest in the world. Of the 65 stations, 50 stations are located at a depth of 30 meters minimum.

2. St. Petersburg metro was the most northerly in the world until 1982, when the subway opened in Helsinki.

3. Now our metro is the most northerly in Russia. The northernmost station in Russia is "Parnas"

4. The westernmost station in Russia is "Primorskaya”.

5. The logo of the St. Petersburg metro was made in the studio of Artemiya Lebedev called "symbol of the collapsed tunnel"

6. Admiralteiskaya metro has a depth of 102 meters and is the deepest station in Russia.

7. The station "Prospect Veteranov" is the busiest subway station in Russia, even beating Vyhino in Moscow.

8. That is the reason why there are no plans to further develop the "red" metro line as there is a threat of the "Vyhino effect". This is when the last station on the line gets so clogged full of people, that it is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to find a seat for people entering the train at other stations.

9. The red line is the only line in which there are 8 wagon trains. The other four lines have 6 wagon trains.

10. St. Petersburg metro in terms of congestion is the 12th busiest in the world. Tokyo is the first and Moscow is the second.

11. St. Petersburg metro is the second largest in Russia after the Moscow metro in which opened 20 years after the Moscow metro in 1955.

12. For 56 years of the St. Petersburg metro, there are already 57 stations. This makes the city have 1 new station a year.

13. Stations with horizontal doors were first built in St. Petersburg.

14. A total of 10 St Petersburg metro stations have horizontal lifts.

15. 24 of the 65 stations are located on the islands of the delta of the Neva River.

16. At the station, "Ploshad Alexander Nevskogo" is a bas-relief, which depicts five riders sitting on 4 horses.

17. "Pushkinskaya" was scheduled to open in the first phase of 15 November 1955, but its opening postponed to next year due to the oblique course of the escalator collapsing before opening.

18. At the station, "Avtovo" only 16 of the 46 columns have a glass lining. The contractor did not have time to fully implement casting to delivery of the object, and temporarily revived with a stone, and then did not return to the project because of a bad attitude of Khrushchev towards "architectural excesses"

19. The St Petersburg metro has one station, which is closed for good - "Dachnoe" which is in the "red" line.

20. "Avtovo" became the first St. Petersburg metro station without escalators

21. The longest escalator is at the station "Ploshad Lenina", with a length of about 100 meters and 729 steps.

22. "Spasskaya" is the only subway station in St. Petersburg, which does not have a lobby yet.

23. In late 2008, opened in St. Petersburg, 5th line of the metro. Its northern stations originally were supposed to be part of the Primorsky-Frunzenskiy-radius but were temporarily attached to the right-bank line, which ran up to Ulitsa Dybenko.

24. "Admirteiskaya" - the long subway station failure in St. Petersburg.  The station was worked on from 1997 to 2011.

25. New stations in the subway open mainly in late December.

26. Extending the "red" and "blue" lines to the north is not planned. In the near future - the development of the Frunzenskiy-Primorsky "purple line" and the extension of the right bank branches ("yellow") line are in the plans for the metro planners.

27. Metropolitan of St. Petersburg is administratively located in two federal subjects: the station "Devyatkino" is built on the territory of the Leningrad region.

28. "Technologicheskiy Institute" was the first Soviet station with cross-platform transition and the first Leningrad metro transfer station.

29. The maximum speed of a subway train is 90 km / h.

30. December 4, 1995 to June 26, 2004 traffic on the section Kirovsk-Vyborg line between the stations "Lesnaya" and "Ploshad Muzhestva" was closed due to erosion of the metro tunnel.

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