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Подворье (Podvorye)

When in Paris, you can't not visit the Eiffel Tower, and when in the St Petersburg suburbs, you can't not visit the Podvorye ( "Coach House" ). The PODVORYE (Russian: Подворье) is a renowned restaurant located in Pavlovsk that has gained a reputation as "the most authentic Russian restaurant". Since 1993 this place has been hosting actors and aristocrats, famous sports figures and politicians from all over the world. It is highly recommended that you visit the restaurant for the Pancake Week (Масленица). There you will have a chance to entertain yourself by playing old Russian games, and traditionally for this day, burn a scarecrow at the end of the evening.

Business hours: Noon - 11 p.m. Average check: $50-70 Address: Город Павловск, Фильтровское Шоссе 16. (Pavlovsk town, Filtrovskoe Shosse 16, Saint Petersburg) Other: Kids' menu, kids' animator on Sat. and Sun., carousels outside the restaurant in the summertime; sledding and skating in the wintertime (free of charge).

Подворье (Podvorye) Подворье (Podvorye) Подворье (Podvorye)

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