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Jimi Hendrix Blues Club

The Jimi Hendrix Blues Club is one of a kind in St. Petersburg. The club is absolutely dedicated to the guitar legend- Jimi Hendrix, and is located on Liteiny Prospect, 33. The cozy café is convenient for everyone to find as it is in the heart of St. Petersburg and for those who love American blues and classic rock, this is the place to be!

When coming to the Jimi Hendrix Blues Club, one can come and watch live blues music by groups from St. Petersburg. Visitors also have the chance to see videos with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton’s most famous performances. This club is all about blues music and the interior of the club is all about blues and Jimi Hendrix. Red brick covers most of the interior as well as photos all around the club. The menu at the club is quite simple but it is not the most important feature of the club. 

For table reservation, call +7 (812) 579-88-13 

Business hours: 12 - 00.00 Address:  Metro Chernyshevskaya, Liteiny Prospect, 33. Additional information: For table reservation, call +7 (812) 579-88-13 

Jimi Hendrix Blues Club Jimi Hendrix Blues Club Jimi Hendrix Blues Club

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