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Sennaya Market

Market on Sennaya Ploshad

Sennaya Ploshad for centuries attracted farmers and villagers to trade their goods. The first mention of it dates from the beginning of the XVIII century; they originally traded hay, straw and wood. Hence the name of the market and area (Sennaya Ploshad- Hay Square). Even now it is one of the busiest places in town.  

Sennaya Market is a specialty retail market in the city center; it is located five minutes walk from Sennaya Ploshad and Spasskaya metro stations. Every day, more than 25 thousand residents of St. Petersburg visit this market. The ripest fruits and vegetables, fresh meat from farms of the Leningrad region - all pass daily sanitary control, and the buyer can be sure that when you buy at Sennaya Market, you will get some of the best quality products in the city. Fruit is fresh, and most importantly CHEAP!

The central building, which houses a shopping area with fruits, vegetables, pickles and meat, is surrounded by the street counters that give a fussy oriental atmosphere. Obliging sellers are always ready to bargain on price, but will haggle with you until the end. Nonetheless, you are sure to get a good deal. They do not hesitate to shout loudly and entice visitors; many do it with great artistry and energy. 

On the streets, in addition to products, are many stores and shops with clothing, footwear, household goods, carpets and mattresses. There are several cafes and stalls with authentic food that include central Asian food and oriental food. Sennaya Market is definitely a unique place in St. Petersburg.

Photo: Oleg Larionov, Viktoria Mak, and ООО Питер

Sennaya Market   Sennaya Market   Sennaya Market Sennaya Market


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