Oceanarium in Kupchino
Thursday, 27 February 2014 09:56

Oceanarium in Kupchino

Oceanarium to Appear in Kupchino

Kupchino will be getting an oceanarium in 2-3 years. The project will be implemented in the Frunzensky district on the Prospekt Slavy future metro station.

The first stone of the future site of this oceanarium will be laid in August 2014, and the total cost of the project is  estimated at  3.5 billion rubles.

Kupchino has not been chosen by accident. The area is perfect for the future oceanarium and will just be a few minutes walk from the future metro station "Prospect Slavy."

The area of the building will be about 3.6 hectares.

It is assumed that the oceanarium will host a wide variety of fish species, and predators such as- crocodiles and sharks.

According to the authors of the project,about one million people will be visiting each year.


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