St. Petersburg Top 10 Tourist Cities in Europe
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 18:04

Photo by: Ivan Smelov

St. Petersburg Top 10 Tourist Cities in Europe

Saint-Petersburg recently became part of the Top 10 tourist cities in Europe and the best tourist city in Russia according to the international site "TripAdvisor".

St. Petersburg is in the 10th place of the top 25 European cities and occupies the 16th place in the ratings of the best cities worldwide. 

Moscow came in 2nd place in Russia for tourists and in Europe it took the 22nd place. Istanbul, Rome and London took the top 3 places in Europe and worldwide lists.

In the European rating, St. Petersburg moved up 1 spot and in the world - 4 spots as opposed to the previous year. 

Photo: Ivan Smelov


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