Unusual Sundial a Gift to the City
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 19:18

Unusual Sundial a Gift to the City

Unusual Sundial a Gift to the City

The blacksmiths of the city presented a gift to the Peter and Paul fortress. They called it "Time Wizard."

The two-meter sundial is made in the form of a spiral, and is marked with numbers from 1 to 12. The St. Petersburg masters worked on the sundial for about a month. Approximately 500 kg of metal took hours to create.

The sundial is located at an angle to the ground, in correlation with the celestial equator. Therefore, the ability to make such a heavy design is not exactly easy.

The sundial shows the "ideal" astronomical time in the tradition of the 18th century. It is exactly two hours different from civil time.


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