Petro Jazz in St Petersburg!
Monday, 11 July 2011 19:51

Petro Jazz

Petro Jazz  festival has gladden the citizens and visitors of St Petersburg since 2003. This is the largest festival of live music outdoors which traditionally takes place in mid-summer. "Petro Jazz" closes a summer jazz festivals in St Petersburg, absorbing the best of everything.

"Petro Jazz" takes place on the beach of the fortress. Since this is a beach festival, tickets are sold only input. Six hours of live music for only five hundred rubles. The public is not separated from the VIP-guests and ordinary people at the festival. At  " Petro Jazz  festival, the audience will get the maximum years of great music with good mood.

Petro Jazz  is a festival for the whole family with maximum democratic ticket price. Children under 8 years accompanied by their parents - free of charge. No age restrictions. Key features: one of the few festivals  in St.-Petersburg at international level. A wonderful holiday for the whole family in one of the most beautiful places in the world. High level of organization, cleanliness, order and security. At the same time, the whole audience can move freely around the site, go to the cafe. A café cuisine will be at the site (Turkish "kebab", a Finnish coffee - bakery) and pubs "Varshtayner."

Jazz stars from Indonesia, France, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, as well as Moscow and St Petersburg will be present. Music - jazz treatments of the classics (Mozart, Grieg, Verdi - "Jazz Quartet Siskin") to "ska" and "rockabilly" ("Jordan's Drive", Denmark). The classic swing and bop, jazz-vocalize, klezmer, Balkan-bit - and that's not all. There will be styles of modern music!
This is program you will never regret.

Two days with equally strong program as one jazz performance.
Begins on July 16, at 17-00 for the festival overture DJ Shahasha (Dj Shahash) and the Executive on theremin Vladimir Kitlyara.
Ends on July 17th Gala Concert "Total Jam," featuring the stars of the Finnish festival "Pori Jazz-" and the winners' PetroDzhaz - 2011 "(the beginning of the gala concert - in 22-00)

By Marcus Kennedy

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