RHCP in St-Petersburg | Petrovsky Stadium | 20.07.2012
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 18:09


The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are coming to St. Petersburg! On July 20th, at the Petrovsky Stadium, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will rock the town with their best hits and loud, energetic music that is loved by millions around the world. It is surely to be a sold out concert that will never be forgotten by those who attend. The Chili Peppers have returned on tour with their new album called I’m With You. The Peppers will be playing at the Annual Tuborg Greenfest Music Festival in St. Petersburg, which features the best worldwide stadium concert bands. More than 30 thousand people are supposed to attend this massive concert!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have won seven Grammy Awards, five of them in a single ceremony. They have sold 85 million copies of their albums in which was recognized by MTV and VH1 to be an amazing achievement. The group has several world famous songs such as “Scar Tissue”, and “Give it Away.” People in all corners in the world sing their famous songs, and their album such as “Stadium Arcadium”, has received five Grammy Awards in 2007. The group member “Flea”, once said: “Being a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers means to be free, you are not bound to a certain style and no one is forcing you to his world and his categories on how life should be lived.” 

RHCP have returned from a five-year studio hiatus to start their new tour. Two of these years had been to write and record new albums, as well as in time of their new album release: I’m With You. The group hit the desired point from the beginning… full-fledged punk-funk style, made the crowds go wild from the beginning. They are considered legends of rock by many magazines and fellow musicians. The Tuborg Greenfest will include several other bright internationally recognized bands. In Russia, the Tuborg Greenfest first appeared in 2005, and for 6 years up to the date, they have had bands such as Metallica, Linkin Park, The Rasmus, Jamiroquai, Fatboy Slim, P!NK, 30 Seconds to Mars, and many others on their bill. 

The Red Hot Chili Pepper concert on July 20th at the Petrovsky Stadium will certainly be a wild and crazy party. With one of the best and most famous bands in the world appearing, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will not disappoint those who come to the concert.


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