International Festival of 3D Paintings
Friday, 04 May 2012 20:37

3D Paintings

The International Festival of 3D paintings on asphalt will take place from June 30th to July 1st. The even called, “Colors of St. Petersburg”, is the first major event in Russia of this kind, dedicated to the creation of three-dimensional drawings on asphalt. Each visitor will be able to draw, as well as to learn how to draw from more than 30 artists. These 30 artists will compete for an opportunity for the Festival of 3D drawings in Italy.

Street art of 3D style is made by chalk on different surfaces. These surfaces are pavement, sidewalks, walls, buildings, and so forth. The drawings look unusual and original, each one of them- a work of art. The participants will come from the US, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The chief guests of this brilliant event are Lee Tracy Stam of America, and Peter Vesterink of Holland. 

You will see an unforgettable show, thrills, competition and more. The venue for this event is Primorsky Victory Park, St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Avenue 21. (Amusement park Divo-Ostrov)

Admission is free!

3D Paintings   3D Paintings   3D Paintings 3D Paintings 3D Paintings   3D Paintings

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