Russian Folk Program "Feel Yourself Russian"
Thursday, 09 August 2012 21:52

Feel Yourself Russian

Come and feel Russian during this great program that shows everyone what Russian culture, dancing, and music is all about! At the Nikolaevsky Palace, everyone will feel Russian, as the atmosphere and aurora will get you into a Russian mood. The show is called “Feel Yourself Russian,” and you will even be involved in the show itself. The show is the best way to see and hear great folk music of Russia’s past, which is for two hours long. The dances are full of color and life, and are from different regions of Russia, so one gets the full experience of different cultures and peoples from all around Russia in just two amazing hours. You even have the opportunity to jump on stage, and start dancing and singing like a real Russian. 

The show consists of four great professional folk groups such as: Peters Quartet, Souvenir, Stars of St. Petersburg, and Maidan. The show has two halves and a short intermission. During the intermission, one can enjoy great traditional Russian snacks such caviar, cheese, Russian pancakes, etc… Live music will be playing during a small break, so you have the great opportunity to enjoy great Russian music and enjoy a glass of wine. After the show, you will be acquainted with new people such as the Grand Duke, Cossacks, and the Tsar.

The groups that will be performing are class acts! The Souvenir performs great Russian folk music with accordion and balalaika instruments, as well as other instruments that one may not think can be used to make music. Maidan is a Cossack song and dance group in which performs fun Cossack songs in which all are sure to enjoy! St. Petersburg Stars is a dance group, which performs classical Russian dances from the northern parts of Russia, as well as dances from the Urals and Siberia. Their dances also included some humor, which makes for a great performance for all audiences, young and old. Also, they are well known for their acrobatic features in their dancing. Peters Quartet is a vocal group that performs folk songs, Orthodox hymns, and other Russian songs. All of these groups always put on a great show.

Come out and experience real Russian culture and dance! The show is for everyone, bring your friends, family, and kids are always welcome! 

Location: The Nikolaevsky Palace (Grand Duke Nikolay palace). Ploshad Truda 4. 


  • Mon, 13 August 18:30 
  • Tue, 14 August 18:30 
  • Tue, 14 August 21:00 
  • Wed, 15 August 18:30 
  • Thu, 16 August 18:30 
  • Fri, 17 August 18:30 
  • Sat, 18 August 18:30 
  • Sun, 19 August 18:30 
  • Mon, 20 August 18:30 
  • Tue, 21 August 18:30 
  • Tue, 21 August 21:00 
  • Wed, 22 August 18:30 
  • Wed, 22 August 21:00 
  • Thu, 23 August 18:30 
  • Fri, 24 August 18:30 
  • Sat, 25 August 18:30 
  • Sun, 26 August 18:30 
  • Mon, 27 August 18:30 
  • Tue, 28 August 18:30 
  • Wed, 29 August 18:30 
  • Thu, 30 August 18:30 
  • Fri, 31 August 18:30 
  • Sat, 01 September 18:30 
  • Thu, 06 September 18:30 
  • Wed, 12 September 18:30 
  • Sat, 15 September 19:00 
  • Sun, 16 September 18:30 
  • Tue, 25 September 18:30 
  • Wed, 21 November 19:00 

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