Street Summit
Thursday, 23 August 2012 18:39

Street Summit

On August 25th 2012, there will be a huge sport festival in 300 Years St.Petersburg's Anniversary Park. This will be the last Saturday of summer, so the park will open its gates to all fans of summer sports, games, and entertainment. The main idea of the festival is to demonstrate that summertime is a time of leisure, having fun, and beach games, so it’s not necessary to get all of this without leaving the city. 

The program includes:

- Beach volleyball - 4x4 (3 husbands. +1 Wife.)

- Streetball - a team 3 main and one alternate;

- "Merry Starts" - everyone, regardless of gender and age (sumobol, team skiing and much more)

- Skateboarding

- Rollerblading

- Bike

- Graffiti

- Competition cyclists

- Beach Rugby

- Beach Soccer

- Bit-box

- Sleklain


- Climbing

Entrance- Free

Time: 14:00

Location: Park 300, Seaside Avenue, 74.

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