Project Freebike
Friday, 31 August 2012 14:27

Freebike Project

As promised, by the end of the summer, St. Petersburg has started a public bicycle project called “freebike.” During the summer, everyone brought their old bikes to the store “Skatprokat”, where they repaired and painted all the old bicycles. This weekend, the first bikes arrived at the park Sosnovka, ready to ride! Also, bikes will be available next to the metro station Gorkovksaya. In the near future, public bicycles will also be available at the Tavricheskiy Garden (Таврический сад). 

One can easily spot these bikes as they are all painted blue and have a code “0000” on their locks. One can take them to any desired location in the city and leave in a prominent place for other people to see them and use next.

Similar projects can be found in many different countries. We hope that this wonderful idea will work in our city as well!


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