Yandex Panorama
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 10:19

Yandex panorama

Now besides the streets of St. Petersburg, you can see the amazing palaces and cathedrals in perfect detail on "Maps.Yandex.ru". This great new service provides amazing pictures and panoramic views and includes places such as: Kazanskiy Cathedral, St Isaac's, and Peter and Paul Cathedral, as well as several places in Peterhof, and the Central Military History Museum. Over the near future, the service will continue to add more and more places in St. Petersburg. 

Each panorama is spherical, that is, you can look 360 degrees all around you. And also, the project will be connected to different Russian cities using this same panoramic view. 

The service “Yandex Panorama”, started more than two years ago and allows you to virtually walk around the streets of cities. In January 2012, Yandex shot a panorama of St. Petersburg from the air. The helicopter captured the 165 most famous places in the center and suburbs of St. Petersburg.

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