Etazhi Rooftops
Monday, 25 February 2013 20:40

Etazhi | Этажи | Roofs

Down on Ligovskiy Prospect, house number 74, there is a great loft/hostel in downtown St. Petersburg in which offers a great place to view beautiful downtown St. Petersburg with binoculars and telescopes. This is how to get to the location: go to the Loft Project Etazhi (Ligovskiy Prospect, 74, go to the white plastic door, through the gate to go into the yard, and cross it). Go to the 3rd floor in the "Location" hostel and ask the administrator at the reception.

You can go up on the roof once every hour but the administrator must accompany you at all times.

Cost: 150 rubles

Time: Monday-Sunday, 12:00 to 22:00

Place: Ligovskiy Prospect, 74.

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