Long Night of Museums St Petersburg 2013
Sunday, 10 March 2013 20:14

Long Night of Museums 2013

From May 18th until May 19th, come and join in the long night of museums exhibition all around St. Petersburg. The museums of St. Petersburg are opening their doors in the evening and for all night long, and they will feature unique one-day exhibits as well as concerts, performances, workshops, historical reconstructions, and visits by authors. 

This year’s theme will be “openness”, and this year, more than 60 museums of St. Petersburg will be taking part in the event. St. Petersburg’s museums hold many secrets - big and small, loud and almost unknown to the general public. Mysterious events, exciting stories, and mysteries of individual items or entire buildings – all of these things will be available and add to the theme of Night of Museums 2013. 

All night ticket cost: 300 rubles. 

For those who have children, if your child is 7 years old or younger, they can get in for free!

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