04/23/2013 Yes in St. Petersburg, not Leningrad
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 20:08

Saint-Petersburg or Leningrad

Skeptical Lenin Russians, according to a poll Wary remain the Russians towards Vladimir Lenin, and do not support the idea of returning the name of Leningrad in St. Petersburg, as shown in a recent poll, conducted just before the anniversary of the birth of Russian revolutionary, on April 22. 

Researchers at the Levada Center polling agency Interfax said in that nearly one in three Russians, 31% believe that in 40-50 years, Lenin will be remembered only by historians, but the percentage has decreased, and 2007 was 45% and in 2011 was 39%.

contrast, 28% of respondents are convinced that in fifty years the world will remember Lenin as the founder of the Soviet state, while 17% remains the leader for whom workers' interests were paramount, and with 13% Lenin is a great thinker, who had a proper vision for the future. 

According to the Center Levada, this type responses remain unchanged from 1995, while respondents were the ability to choose different answers. 

The number of Russians who consider that Lenin will be remembered as a shrewd politician who managed to impose his will in a vast country has dropped significantly from 19% to 9%. 

Asked whether they agree return the name of Leningrad in St. Petersburg 53% opposed, 30% in favor and 17% undecided.

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