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The little bear like character, which is loved by many all around the world, is one of Russia’s international symbols of recognition. CHEBURASHKA (Russian: Чебурашка) was originally a cartoon character in the Soviet Union entertaining children and even adults. Cheburashka since the fall of the Soviet Union has grown to worldwide popularity status as that little bear like animal with big ears. Eduard Uspensky first made up the cute little animal in 1966, in his children’s literature books. Soon after this in 1969, the first Cheburashka film was made. Soon after this, Cheburashka became an instant favorite of children all over the Soviet Union. Even to this date, adults and children alike can relate or remember songs that were featured in the cartoon series.

The word “Cheburashka,” can be translated into English as “topple.” The story of Cheburashka is that he once lived in a tropical forest and one day stumbled upon a box of oranges. Cheburashka ate too much, fell asleep in the box of oranges, and the box was delivered to a store in a Russian city. Then after this, the shop manager named him Cheburashka. Cheburashka has his best friend named Gena. Gena is a crocodile that works in a zoo, and wears a bow tie, a hat, and a coat. Gena also sings and plays the accordion in the cartoon. The most famous songs in which are remembered by many from the Cheburashka cartoons are: “Such a pity that one’s birthday happens only once a year,” and “The blue train car.” 

Cheburashka Cheburashka is now an international Russian symbol. The stuffed animals of Cheburashka can be bought all over Russia, and he is the toy that the Russian national athletes at the Olympics carry during the opening ceremony. Along with this, the Cheburashka stories can be found in countries such as Sweden and Estonia by different names. In Japan, the popularity of Cheburashka is so large, that it rivals that of Russia. There have been a few attempts to bring the Cheburashka cartoons back to life again in films and new stories, but they have been shot down in several instances. 

Cheburashka continues to be loved by many all around the globe, and will be continued to be loved, as this cute, fuzzy little animal is the favorite of children and adults in many countries. Who would have known that something so cute could be a symbol of Russia?

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