Top Jazz Cafes and Bars in St. Petersburg
Friday, 04 January 2013 17:29

St Petersburg Jazz Cafes

Top Jazz Cafes and Bars in St. Petersburg 

Here is a list of the best places in St. Petersburg to listen to jazz music. Come and enjoy the music and atmosphere after work or on weekends. These places always promise to have a great time and great food and drink.

Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg 1. Piano Bar "NikO" (The abbreviation in Russian means Никаких Орхидей = No Orchids)

This is a bar, a club, an exhibition of artists and photographers, a meeting place for poets and musicians, and anything else you want it to be. There are no limits here, and now you can enjoy jazz music from the best musicians in St. Petersburg. Also come for great Russian romance in the evenings and poetry readings.

Hours of Operation: 15:00 - 00:00

Place: Kolomenskaya Street, 9.

Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg Cafe Bar NikO, St-Petersburg JFC Jazz Club, St-Petersburg

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JFC Jazz Club, St-Petersburg 2. "JFC" jazz club

This jazz club features original and live great music performed every evening by some of the best artists in St. Petersburg. The variety of jazz here is great. From Dixieland to avant-garde, from blues to jazz-rock, funk and acid jazz, ethnic music to, Latin American music, here you can find everything you like and something new to discover. Here come the people who overreact to everything new, fresh, and lovers of jazz. Here you need to pre-book tables.

Hours of Operation: 19.00 to 23.00

Location: Shpalernaya Street, 33

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Гравицапа Спб 3. Cafe Jazz Club "Gravitsapa" (Гравицапа)

Located in the historic center of St. Petersburg, Gravitsapa is located also on the ground floor of an old building that makes it original in its design and interior. The out of earth like interior makes the atmosphere and experience of this café to be one you will not forget. It is a very warm and cozy café that we recommend you should try!

Hours of Operation: 10:00-23:00

Place: Pochtamtsky per., 8

Гравицапа Спб Гравицапа Спб

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Легкость бытия спб 4. Jazz Cafe "Lightness of Being" (Легкость Бытия)

Come inside this great jazz café and breathe fresh air, and not the terrible smell of cigarettes. The décor is interesting and relaxed, plus there is always live music. Also two grand white pianos that make the interior look even more original.

Hours of Operation: 09:00-23:00. The kitchen is open until 22.00

Location: 3rd Sovetskaya Street, 21

Легкость бытия спб Легкость бытия спб Легкость бытия спб Легкость бытия спб

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Jazz&Френия 5. Cafe «Jazz & Freni" (Jazz&Френия)

Music here is quite loud, so to be able to talk with the person next to you will be very difficult. The interior is quite nice and stylish. Overall, it’s a place worth trying.

Hours of Operation: 12:00-12:00

Location: Nevsky Prospect, 91

Jazz&Френия Jazz&Френия

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The Hat, St-Petersburg 6. Cafe "The Hat"

This jazz café is called "Шляпа" in Russian and was opened by Billy Novak. The owner of this café sought to recreate the atmosphere of New York in the first half of the 20th century and the era of beatniks and jazz enthusiasts. This café is also a great bar and has jazz occasionally. The emphasis of this café/bar is hard liquor. Come out to hear some great jazz and have a few nice, strong, cocktails.

Hours of Operation: 17:00-not stated.

Location: Belinskogo Street, 9.

The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg The Hat, St-Petersburg

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48 стульев спб 7. Cafe "48 Chairs" (48 Стульев)

This café is a joint project of the following bars: XXXX and Las Torres. This new restaurant features three rooms: the main room with a stage and two other rooms, which are smaller. The interior is based on America in the 1930’s and the name is based on the number of chairs in the bar, which are 48. The café has jazz performances every night, and the weekend features live entertainment other than jazz. 

Hours of Operation: 12:00- midnight.

Location: Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 15.  

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