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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 21:03

Russian Support Letter

At Sntpeters.com, you can find the easiest way with help to obtain a Russian visa! A Russian Visa Invitation can be processed though our website, but the invitation is not the only step in the process of getting a Russian visa. Sometimes it is hard to get a Russian visa, but with Sntpeters.com, you can start the process fast and in the right direction! Here is the procedure for registration for tourist and business visas in Russia:

First, you need to receive an invitation, which can be done right on our website! To do this, you need to determine the right visa for you- a tourist or business visa. A Russian tourist visa is issued for one or three months. Extension of the tourist visas in Russia is impossible. 

Cheap Accommodation in St-Petersburg | Russian Train Tickets | Russian Visa Invitation
Sunday, 24 June 2012 19:26

St-Petersburg Guide

When searching online for the best deals on hotel booking, daily news, Russian visa invitations, Russian train tickets, and free airport pickups, Sntpeters.com is the number one site to go to. Sntpeters.com offers all of these services and much more, that’s why it is called the ultimate St. Petersburg site. When coming to St. Petersburg for the first time or if you are a regular visitor to our great city of St. Petersburg, then you should use sntpeters.com for all the information needed to have a successful and comfortable stay in St. Petersburg.

White Nights Discount Boat Trip
Saturday, 16 June 2012 16:32

white nights boat trip st petersburg

We at sntpeters.com are offering a great deal for the white nights celebration. Now you can get a ticket for a night on a boat to experience white nights on the Neva River. Pay now 480 rubles instead of 900 rubles a person! This is a discount of 47%! Of course the best time to go on the boat to experience white nights on the Neva River is on Saturday. Also, you do not just see white nights, but the raising of the bridges over the Neva River, which is a beautiful sight to see.

Express Delivery within Russia and Worldwide!
Monday, 11 June 2012 20:52

Express Delivery Russia

St-Petersburg Guide now offers you a unique opportunity to save cash and have your documents delivered anywhere in the world for a price that's CHEAPER than DHL's!!! Hard to believe? Just keep reading!!!
How does this work?

We have signed multiple contracts with a number of companies, specialising in express delivery such as: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx and others. These companies give us corporate discount prices on sending goods and documents within Russia and Worldwide. That is why if you send the same business package via DHL, they will charge you more than if you let us approach DHL for you instead.

Trains from St. Petersburg to Moscow
Sunday, 10 June 2012 20:10

St-Petersburg Moscow Train

The most popular and most comfortable way to travel to Moscow from St. Petersburg and vice-versa is by train. The Moscow-St. Petersburg Railway is 649.7 kilometers long. There are several ways to travel to and from Moscow from St. Petersburg by train.
The fastest current train travels around 250 kilometers per hour, and takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the journey. This train is called the SAPSAN. A more historical train is called the Krasnaya Strela, or the red arrow in English. Ever since 1931, this train has been departing from Moscow around 23:55 daily, and arriving in St. Petersburg around 07:55 the next morning. It is a piece of history of Russia, and when using this train, one can comfortably sleep at night and wake up in St. Petersburg or Moscow in the morning ready to go!

Monday, 04 June 2012 18:34

Cheap Accommodation in St-Petersburg

To all those who are interested in saving big bucks in St. Petersburg, this is a must read article! On sntpeters.com, you can find the best deals for ACCOMMODATION IN ST-PETERSBURG anywhere in the city! All you have to do is check out our site, and on the homepage, on the left, you can find the easiest way to book hotels in St. Petersburg! We offer many different options around the city, so you can find the most convenient location and price that you desire!

Sunday, 03 June 2012 10:31


Ever wanted to travel by train in Russia, or to any neighboring CIS countries, but was intimidated by the mean looking women at the train station and decided not to go? =) Well now, on sntpeters.com, buying train tickets has become easier than using any search engine online! Our service is fast, free, and comfortable for everyone to use. Now you do not have to be afraid to buy tickets at the train station, you can just buy them online at sntpeters.com. The train ticket service is easy to find on sntpeters.com. At the top of our homepage, click the “services” tab, and then you can find the “RUSSIAN TRAIN TICKETS” link.

Travel to Petergof on a Speedboat!
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 21:15

To Peterhof on a Speedboat

The best way to travel to Petergof this spring and summer is on the breeze boat! It is a truly great experience that allows one to ride on the Neva River to Petergof. The tour includes travel to Petergof from St. Petersburg on a great boat, a sightseeing tour of Petergof with parks and the fountains that attract so many each year. This speedboat ride promises to be well worth every ruble! The speedboat “Meteor”, will take you straight to Petergof in fast fashion!

41% Fireworks Discount | May 27, 2012 | City Day of St. Petersburg
Monday, 14 May 2012 19:26

City Day in St-Petersburg

Before you read the text below, we would like to inform you that the city officials have changed the program of the City Day in St-Petersburg and now the fireworks will take place on May 26th and not on May 27th. We expect everyone with the ticket to come to Moyka Emb 3 at 10 pm!!! THANKS!

Come and celebrate City Day of St-Petersburg on a boat! The celebration of the founding of St. Petersburg is a great time to have fun with friends, enjoy several festivities around the city, and see a great fireworks display on a boat! With our deal, the boat trip will cost 41% off the original price! Spend this great holiday correctly, so that you will never forget the great experience of City Day in St. Petersburg! Our excellent deal on the boat is great for the family, a romantic evening, and a great time for a large company of your friends. Treat yourself to an amazing evening; celebrate the birthday of St. Petersburg the way it should be celebrated. Forget about all your problems for a day and see a truly amazing spectacle.

Grand Peterhof SPA Hotel 50% Discount
Monday, 07 May 2012 15:13

Grand SPA hotel Peterhof

The Grand Peterhof Spa Hotel is offering a great deal from today until May 30th. The great deal is the following: a 50% discount for two (!!!) people for two hours in the spa zone. The original price is 2000 rubles, but you can take the deal for 1000 rubles for two! It is a steal, as the spa rooms in the hotel are world class. Peterhof is one of the most beautiful places in Russia, a true royal town in the Old Russian Empire.

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