44% Victory Day Discount on Boat Trip
Sunday, 29 April 2012 00:41

Victory Day

Everyone! Come and see an event of a lifetime, as on May 9th, Russia will celebrate Victory Day! In St. Petersburg, there will be an awesome parade and festival on Nevsky Prospect and on Palace Square. The celebration will be from the morning until the night, and perhaps the most beautiful event will be in the evening, a fireworks display over the Neva River. 

St-Petersburg Guide is offering a great deal this Victory Day for everyone to witness the great celebration of St. Petersburg. The deal we are offering is 900 rubles for 2 tickets, and 550 rubles for 1 ticket to this amazing event. That is a 44% discount!! Already over 2,000 people have ordered tickets. It will be a great party and celebration, as Victory Day is one of the most significant holidays in Russia.

  • 1600 RUB - 44% = 900 RUB
  • 800 RUB - 31% = 550 RUB

For this deal:

Three friendly staff members will meet you and take you on a boat trip on the small rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, surrounded by architectural and landscape ensembles. Then after this, you will go to the Peter and Paul Fortress by boat from which the firework celebration will take place around 22:00. This is in honor of the 67th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. There will also be firing cannons during the celebration, in which will take place 30 times with an interval of 30 seconds. The fireworks will be made from divisions of two artillery batteries. Along with this deal, everyone will receive champagne (WOW!) for the celebration. So come and experience a victory day celebration with ST-PETERSBURG GUIDE! 

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