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When arriving at Pulkovo 1 or 2, why not get a free taxi. On Sntpeters.com, you can take advantage of this great offer and travel in style, for free! Taxi drivers around the airport can overcharge foreigners or even Russians, but with Sntpeters.com, you can save a great deal of money on a taxi. Sntpeters.com also offers a great visa invitation service. Most citizens from western countries need a visa to Russia. It is much easier to get a visa invitation to start the visa process and trip to St. Petersburg, on Sntpeters.com. We at Sntpeters.com want to make the whole process of obtaining a Russian visa more convenient than ever. 

Our news section is updated almost everyday with great events that are happening daily in St. Petersburg. So you can enjoy your stay in St. Petersburg and know about the coolest and most interesting events in the city only at Sntpeters.com! During your stay, don’t just go to all the tourist places, also try to go to some events that the other tourists don’t know about, and get a real Russian experience with the great citizens of St. Petersburg!

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